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Holiday Makes It Easier to Move Jobs

No more worries with a very diligent workmate to come to the office

Let's get ready for the next trip! - Image Credit M Kretyawan

Promotion opportunities in work is the hope of professional workers, no wonder if there is a spirit of competition with colleagues. Concerns to coworkers who might get promoted in their positions, and lead to increased monthly income and other facilities.

You even get to know a lot of professional workers who are hesitant to take leave, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, today, solely the worries, but now no longer need to worry that in accordance with a recent research conducted by Hostelworld, it denies that assumption.

Of the many respondents, approximately 1000 respondents from eight countries, namely Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and South Korea were asked to complete the survey online.

Research does a number of interesting questions to respondents working in the company's human resources field, and has the authority t…

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