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Best Cities to 'Hangout' Until Late Night

Hamburg has been selected by an observation from HostelWorld this year

Copenhagen - Image Credit W Sjahran

A comfortable city to hangout with friends has always been one of the choices of many travelers who are in a tourist destination anywhere in the world anywhere. Especially when the residents who live in the city is friendly in welcoming the visitors, especially the tourists.

An interesting observation from HostelWorld this year, citing CNN Indonesia, December 6, can make a good picture when making a visit to a tourist area in a country.

There is always a certain view when a traveler is in a tourist spot, say an interesting city according to the traveler's assumption, such as local residents, affordable prices, environmental safety, and adequate transportation access.

You know if it turns out a city in Germany, you certainly know the city of Hamburg, was voted the best city to hangout until late at night worldwide.

Interesting to see the reality of a city as the best choice…

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