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Special Airline to the Millennial Generation

Joon Airlines special for millennial generation aged 18-35 years

Joon's - Image Credit jwoof_dog -> Crew adventures Joon

Note: The following article is a review of a travel website journalist KompasTravel, Silvita Agmasari with little customization for blogging purposes

Joon airlines from the Air France, a special airline for the millennials. Joon is said to be eyeing the 18-35 year old passenger market, although of course open to other age groups who want to enjoy their trip. Air France previously mentioned Joon is not classified as a low-cost carrier, but a lifestyle airline focused on digital design and technology.

You will ask what kind of service and contents of the aircraft from Joon who first flew this summer of 2017?

The stewardess casually dressed

Joon's cabin crew uniforms are fairly casual and cheerful. Uniforms consist of sweatshirts and collared shirts in bright blue. Combined with a pair of short trousers or short black and white sneakers shoes.

Favorite drink …

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