Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This is the Best Airport in the World 2016

Changi Airport still gets the attention of tourists, as well as the Incheon Airport

The passengers at the travelator, Changi

Good airport can give the impression of depth to the traveler on the go, especially if the airport provides facilities that they had not expected. It will always be memories and talk to fellow travelers on the go.

Traveler experience at an airport can be anything, and category such a reference on the sites of The Guide To Sleeping in Airport, when giving a list of 10 best airports this year, 2016, after seeing some of the determining factors in meeting the best airport category.

You can feel yourself when visiting a tourist area, city or tourist spot once when first arriving at an airport before you set out for the attraction.

They wrote that it was an important rating consideration, also cited a KompasTravel travel sites, the best airport is that keeps people enthralled and happy.

Articles of interest to the reader, shows the factors that determines the category of the best airport is comfort (zone of rest and seat), services, facilities, and the things that can be done at the airport, the choice of food, immigration/security, customer service, and the cleanliness factor.

List of best airports seem to show it in accordance with the results of the Skytrax survey which has been awarded the World Airport Awards 2016 to Changi Airport.

While a full list of 10 Best Airport in 2016 according to the sites The Guide To Sleeping in Airport were able to tempt the tourists for a day visit.

1. Changi International Airport, Singapore
2. Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea
3. Haneda International Airport, Tokyo, Japan
4. The Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei, Taiwan
5. International Airport Munich, Germany

6. Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan
7. Vancouver International Airport, Canada
8. International Airport Helsinki, Vantaa, Finland
9. International Airport Tallinn, Estonia
10. International Airport Zurich Kloten, Switzerland

Traveller apparently agreed after the names of the airports that have been mentioned, and travel will attract and stored desire from the heart, one day to make a stop there.

Source: W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel, The Guide To Sleeping in Airport
Image: M Kretyawan

Facts that You May Not Know About Airplane - 2

Indeed, until now only those pilots and cabin crew who know

Aboard airplane is a large selection of holiday fun when you live, is always an option, but there are interesting things going you know later. Especially when you are in the aircraft cabin, it turns out there are certain things that can be a concern of passengers and tourists.

In the previous article 4 facts presented about the situation in the aircraft cabin, this is the second part of a quote on travel sites, KompasTravel, today. Other interesting facts on the plane unknown by tourists, except for pilots and cabin crew.

Here are the fifth facts, the sixth ... and so on.

5. Why does the cabin crew turn off the lights when going to land?

Yes, the cabin crew must have turned off the lights in the main passenger cabin. This is essential when in night landing.

Some cases, the aircraft landed with imperfect and passengers had to be evacuated. The cabin deliberately dim that passengers accustomed to the dark mood. Flight attendants are also surely asking you to open the window blinds wide open time of the landing. This is so that you see and know the condition outside air.

6. What is the small hole in the plane window?

Indeed there at the window of the plane with a small hole at the bottom. The hole is a pressure regulator on the cabin.

The majority of aircraft using the glass window of three layers, the outermost layer is useful for protecting the cabin of the aircraft while keeping the pressure in the cabin. If there is damage to the glass outer portion, there is still a second glass as a protective layer of cabin pressure.

The tiny holes in the inner layer of glass is useful as a regulator of pressure in the cabin, so that the middle layer of glass is not damaged even if the outer glass is not functioning.

7. Why is the plane food in the minimal sense?

It's real. The airlines have done their best, the chéf, or a flight attendant whose job is to distribute the food with sincere.

Research from Cornell University in 2005, as quoted by TIME reveals that the aircraft cabin environment that influence the taste of food.

You'll know when the sweet foods become noticeably less sweet, nor salty foods. Dry air (not humid like on the land) can cause the food to be bland taste.

8. Oxygen Masks

One thing that had not been told the flight attendant about the use of that masks. Although before takeoff, a flight attendant advised their passengers to use oxygen masks in the cabin when the pressure is reduced.

Each oxygen mask just have an oxygen supply for 15 minutes, especially in emergencies, 15 minutes is a little time. So it is highly advisable to use an oxygen mask wisely.

Thus eight interesting facts continue the first part of the article prior to this, they are the workers in the air do the best for the passenger and certainly for tourists. And. Have a safe flight!

Back to the First Section.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: Singapore Airlines

Facts that You May Not Know About Airplane - 1

Only known by pilots and cabin crew, and now it's your turn!

Vacation by airplane has become the top choice of most tourists in the world, I think you're going to think the same thing unwittingly assume you already know all about the airplane.

The fact did not say that, as written on the sites Travel and Leisure, Monday, October 24, 2016. These new facts indicate many things that are unknown by tourists, they know, pilots and cabin crew, and you will know after this.

This article is written in two parts, citing the travel sites, KompasTravel, today.

1. The aircraft was designed anti-lightning

According to the weather agency data, it has been estimated, lightning struck one aircraft every year. One of the 1,000 hours of air travel, the aircraft was struck by lightning.

Anti-lightning technology is able to protect aircraft, proven since 1963 there's no planes that crashed because of lightning. The technology works by passing electrical energy from lightning flowing through the fuselage and back to the outside air without causing the slightest damage.

2. There were no safest seats in airplane

As assumed so far, for example, TIME once made a research and concluded that the seats in the middle of the plane is the safest of the accident. The fact of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said there is no safest seat in the plane.

3. Some aircraft have a small bedroom

Indeed there is a bedroom for cabin crew on aircraft, such as the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner has a small bedroom, solely to avoid fatigue. Especially in the long-haul flights, because they worked up to 16 hours a day.

The small bedroom can be accessed via a hidden staircase that is only known to the cabin crew. The room has a low ceiling, with 6-10 beds, a bathroom, and sometimes in-flight entertainment.

4. Aircraft tires designed shatterproof

Is it possible the tire on the aircraft at any time can be broken due to sustain a heavy burden? No.

Aircraft tires have been designed specifically for shatterproof and can support loads up to 38 tons, despite the best in the speed of 170 miles per hour as it landed.

There are other facts in the next article with other interesting facts, and make passengers and tourists can easily understand how the flight crew works. Especially in maintaining the standard of passenger comfort and safety.

Continue to Part 2.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: Garuda Indonesia

Monday, October 24, 2016

Closer to Typical Italian Coffee Blend

Italy is known not only as a culinary country, such as pasta to pizza

Coffe Sant Eustachio, Rome

Black coffee as a dish that you can enjoy in the afternoon after undergoing a routine in the office, on Monday underwent horrific, and the face of the boss is so annoying.

You may forget the coffee are you enjoy, because it speaks of coffee like you're enjoying coffee specialties from Italy, say a cup of espresso.

I'm looking for other references of a tourist site, they wrote about coffee, how to enjoy Italian-style coffee. An interview with the Italian barista, Eduardo Vastolo, that their country is no different from the usual habits you know, "If you are into Italy and order a coffee, you will be given an espresso. You ask the others, we give espresso. Espresso in Italy has always been about."

Perhaps you can see how the Italian coffee country, you often drink espresso for example, later in the day to get the fact that they did not expect, because let's say in the region of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Singapore or Malaysia, even the many emerging coffee shops is the coffee shop from the United States.

Well, here the story more interesting, as soon know the facts about the differences between presentation techniques of Italian-style coffee with coffee from the United States.

Coffee espresso has become the hallmark of Italy, said Eduardo, look at the way it's presented in a small cup of espresso. You know by now, since all came from different habits, Americans drink coffee using a large mug.

Now do you remember the term americano coffee also came from Italy, when speaking specifically of black coffee. The article writes that the americano coffee is not the type of coffee, but rather like a cappuccino or caffe latte, it refers to a coffee concoction. Literally, to get an americano is by mixing espresso with water.

Eduardo adds jokingly, "There are Americans who asked for coffee, we give a espresso with a small cup, he kept asking over and over again until finally he said he wanted a large mug. Finally we move to the big cups of espresso and added water."

That grain and americano coffee concoction growing, because it is presented to the United States at that time.

Monday is always shocking and exhausting, all could end up in an afternoon, in a cool café, and you can order a cup of coffee. I thought it was the best time to taste typical Italian coffee blends.

Source: M Chairunisa - KompasTravel
Image: Pingkan Djayasupena

Tornadoes Chasing Travel in America

Traveler gets a rare experience to see tornadoes from near

A funnel about to touch down near Eads, Colorado

Extreme Travel has many devotees, especially among some of the tourists in the world, there are many types of tours are included in the category of extreme, and nobody guessed chase hurricanes getting a response from the fans in particular.

The tour operator in the United States seem to see good opportunities, they see there are fans who are challenged to be part of an extreme situation that occurs when a typhoon swept across the region in the Americas. For example, around the city of Denver or some other city in America that are often haunted by dangerous hurricanes phenomenon.

An article on the sites detikTravel, Monday, October 24, 2016, wrote that there are many tour operators there, like Silver Lining Tours, Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, and Extreme Tornado Tours.

Indeed, present an offer from the tour operator, you yourself can imagine how the level of excitement of extreme travel like this, when you get a rare experience to see the hurricane closely, of course with security guarantees from the organizers of the tour.

Throughout the years there have been several tornadoes in the country, the traveler feels like to be part of the bustle of the tornado, but the critical months occurred in May-July 2016 in Denver, Colorado. They say that the middle of the year is the best time to see the tornado in Denver.

"The best moment is when you feel the storm's center, at the best time. We are trying to maintain security of tourists," said a field staff of the tour operator.

There is always the safety standards at the highest level, a traveler will be accompanied by a weather expert who knows about hurricanes to the location, as well as the assistance of a professional driver in a exciting and thrilling journey for six full days.

You'll know when travel packages were sold at a price of USD 2,300 as this is dangerous, so that the risk consideration for the tourists, participants will be invited to the pursuit of a hurricane to a safe limit. And, believe that the tour participants will have the opportunity to 'selfie' and another photo opportunity.

This is a stressful travel experience while stimulating adrenaline from your body. Great!

As a quote on one of the website of Silver Lining Tours who wrote, "Are you ready for the atmospheric adventure of a lifetime?"

Source: J Randy Prakoso – detikTravel
Image: Stefan Klein via Wikipedia

More Tourists than its Citizens

Iceland, the land of the "Game of Thrones"

Waterfalls of Gulfoss

Reykjavik is the capital of the country on the north by air is very cold, somehow I was always interested in this country, seem far away, but it feels special.

Maybe it several times I write about this country, and it is always interesting, as I read of a lifestyle site, wrote about this country.

They wrote how the audience television series Game of Thrones season three, episode "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", 2013, may feel tempted to visit Iceland, the country was in fact does have a very beautiful natural scenery, like a painting.

Watch the aura of the mountains that provide fresh air to 332 thousand inhabitants, with a special appeal be able to bring 335.522 tourists from the United States, according to the Icelandic Tourism Board, more than the population of Iceland.

And the number of tourists in the presence of the last two years has increased dramatically, for example, travelers from the United States alone, more than doubled so far.

They say that, citing the sites Travel and Leisure, the Icelandic government to apply the rule been more "tourists friendly", tourists are given permission to stay longer, before they depart to other European countries.

This country brings a unique charm, like the Percy Scott, a tourist from America, "Always wanted to go back there, although quite far north."

There are many things that makes the tourists love it, article writing, in addition to the unique natural scenery, the policy of the Icelandic government, culinary, arts and cultural factors also make tourists more interested, tourists come to this country, every year, the group of tourists invade Iceland through Keflavik Airport.

Black Church, Iceland

No wonder when you will see throngs of tourists at the various attractions, such as waterfalls of Gulfoss, Thingvellir National Park and Geysir hot spring baths.

Developing tourism as expected by the Icelandic government, which gave the target of the visit until the end of the year may reach 1.5 million tourists, but on the other hand in the long run, the crowd that turned out to make the most of the population of Iceland was disturbed.

Quoting the sites The Telegraph, Birgitta Jonsdottir, one of the politicians of Iceland.

"It's not like the city belong to me anymore."

Source: E Priherdityo - Indonesia CNN, Travel and Leisure,The Telegraph
Image: V Saver

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Entrée is 'Tinder' like but for the Food

Currently only serves Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC

You know Tinder, isn’t it?

You can search for an explanation while browsing, they told Tinder is a digital application that allows men ‘fancies’ women (vice versa) via a mobile digital platform that is based on a photo, short bio profile and mutual friends.

Similarly happens, Tinder page presents hundreds of photos of the opposite sex. Slide your finger to the right if you like the person in the photo is being performed, and slide your finger to the left if you do not like the person in the photo being displayed.

Well, this time forget about Tinder. I quote an article from a life style site, they write an cool application similar to the Tinder, but the object is “the food”. Forget about the opposite sex, although it is tempting at this weekend, isn’t it?

Frankly I would like to download, although this time according to the news, has not come out last release, so the user only limited coverage in the city of Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC as a place to test the interest of its users.

Entrée, thus the name of this food applications like Tinder, was designed by the author as an application on the mobile phone that allows you were starving to choose and find the food to taste in a nearby region of residence.

You will be asked why the name of this application, Entrée? The article writes that in French, entrée means food types. Say you're being hungry and wanted to look for food, let's say you're not looking for any kind of food, "there is no specific taste" or "what's available."

So, here comes Entrée respond to the needs of you.

The interface is similar to Tinder, also citing the sites Food Beast, this application allows you to swipe to the right or left when choosing food at nearby restaurants. Each selection is accompanied by information and options are complete. And, the application will study the trends of choice from time to time - certainly through programming algorithm, so that option is available right from the food that you want.

Pick something. With the flexibility that you have, whether it's the opposite sex - as Tinder, or perhaps, this time, a variety of foods and restaurants, would be nice.

I believe it. But when your stomach was not empty.

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, Food Beast
Image: Entrée - itunes.apple.com